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Quadcopter Mavic 2 Zoom with DJI Goggles Racing Edition

Quadcopter Mavic 2 Zoom with DJI Goggles Racing Edition

The Mavic 2 Zoom has a powerful zoom lens. Highlights: 2 x optical zoom Camera with 24-48mm focal length Ultra Flexible 12 Megapixel 1/2.3" CMOS sensor Super Resolution …...

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The article is no longer available.

Quadcopter Mavic 2 Zoom with DJI Goggles Racing Edition is no longer availableThe following products are available as replacement

Quadcopter Mavic 2 Zoom with DJI Goggles Racing EditionProduct description

  • 2 x optical zoom
  • Camera with 24-48mm focal length
  • Ultra Flexible
  • 12 Megapixel 1/2.3" CMOS sensor
  • Super Resolution 48 Megapixel photos
  • Dolly zoom
  • FHD video with up to 4 x lossless zoom
  • Hyperlapse (space lapse)
  • 8km 1080p video transmission
  • Max. 31 minutes flight time
  • Omnidirectional obstacle detection
  • Activity Track 2.0
  • Compatible with the DJI Goggles Series
  • Foldable and compact (214 x 91 x 84 mm)

Scope of delivery:

  • Aircraft 1x
  • DJI Goggles Racing Edition - 1080p video glasses 1x
  • Intelligent Flight Battery 1x
  • Battery charger 1x
  • Power cord 1x
  • Propeller 3 pairs
  • Gimbal protection 1x
  • Type-C USB 3.0 data cable 1x
  • Spare joystick 1 pair
  • Remote control 1 x
  • RC cable (Lightning) 1x
  • RC cable (standard Micro-USB connector) 1x
  • RC cable (USB-C connection) 1x
  • USB adapter 1x
  • RC cable Slider (Large) 1x
  • RC cable slider (small) 2x
  • Battery charger 1 x
  • Cable Clamp
  • Pagoda antenna (SMA interface) 2x
  • SMA connectors
  • Micro USB cable
  • HDMI cable
  • Cleaning cloth

DJI Goggles Racing Edition - 1080p Video Glasses

In addition to all the features of the original DJI Goggles and dual 1080p HD displays, the DJI Goggles RE supported spherical panorama playback and local video playback.

The new DJI goggles are now even more powerful and look devilishly good. Experience FPV racing in style and without traditional restrictions. The DJI Goggles Racing Edition (RE) features a redesigned visor and a new headband in a matte black. The upholstery stands out with high quality red leather.

Designed specifically for drone racing, the DJI Goggles RE are compatible with the OcuSync video transmission module, as well as a powerful camera module. The modules work together to provide video transmission in addition to the analog signal with a range of up to 7 km and a minimum latency of only 50 ms1. Enjoy stable video transmissions and experience the speed rush of a drone race like never before.

  • 1x DJI Goggles
  • 1x Charger
  • 1x Wire Clip
  • 2x Pagoda Antenna (SMA interface)
  • 1x Reversed SMA Connector
  • 1x Micro USB Cable
  • 1x HDMI Cable
  • 1x Cleaning Cloth

OcuSync 2.0 video transmission system - Explore the world with more safety.

  • 8 km live broadcast in 1080p
  • Automatic frequency change between 2.4 and 5.8 GHz in real-time
  • 40 Mbit/s Download
  • Only 120 ms latency

Faster, more enduring and quieter in the air

  • Up to 31 minutes flight time
  • Maximum 72 km/h flight speed in sport mode (without wind)
  • Quiet flight technology from DJI

Omnidirectional obstacle detection

  • Obstacle sensors on all seven sides of the aircraft
  • Thanks to the advanced Pilot Assistance System (APAS), Mavic 2 is now able to avoid obstacles in front and behind it.
  • The omnidirectional obstacle detection includes left and right, up and down, and forward and backward directions. Left and right detection is only available in ActiveTrack and Tripod modes. The omnidirectional obstacle detection does not cover a 360° radius. The obstacle detection system only works in certain modes and under certain conditions. DJI's warranty does not cover damage caused by flying left or right, even if the drone has been in ActiveTrack or Tripod mode. For safe flight, it is always necessary to familiarize yourself with the flight environment and pay attention to notifications from the app.

3-axis gimbal

Mavic 2's 3-axis gimbal ensures stable and smooth shots in any scene

24-48 mm camera with optical zoom

Equipped with a 1/2.3 inch 12 megapixel sensor and a 4 x zoom, 2 x optical via the 24-48 mm zoom lens, the Mavic 2 Zoom is designed for dynamic changes of perspective. Capture innovative perspectives and discover new creative possibilities, from wide angle to medium focal length, to the lower telephoto range.

Expressive images with normal focal length

Compared to a pure 24 mm wide-angle lens, the lens already comes into the telephoto range at 48 mm. The perspective moves closer together and the parallax effect creates images like those from movie blockbusters.

Carefree and efficient recording

When shooting in Full HD, the 4x lossless zoom allows you to get closer to distant subjects, making unique scenes more accessible from a distance that would otherwise be too risky for close-ups.

Fast and precise focus

Mavic 2 Zoom's hybrid autofocus combines the two autofocus methods of phase comparison and edge contrast measurement to focus up to 40% faster. Autofocus tracking keeps subjects continuously in focus even when zooming in or out.

Zooming during the flight

Dolly zoom is a new QuickShot mode for the Mavic 2 Zoom. The effect allows completely new perspectives in the world of drones. With the dolly zoom effect, the focal length is adjusted during flight, allowing video recordings with a creative change of perspective. In manual flight, the focus speed can be set manually, allowing even more creative possibilities.

Super Resolution photos with 48 megapixels

When shooting a 24 mm equivalent photo, the camera takes 9 individual photos and spreads them out into a single super-resolution photo with 48 megapixels and more details.


With the hyperlapse, the aircraft takes stabilized aerial photographs and automatically processes them directly in the drone. Photos can be stored simultaneously as JPEG and RAW files on the micro-SD card or internal memory for all additional post-processing options.

Task History

Flight routes can be defined and saved in the task history. The new function allows you to fly the same route again at any time.

Photos with extended HDR (eHDR)

An improved HDR algorithm combines a series of shots and combines them into a single photo with a higher dynamic range and fewer unwanted artifacts.


HyperLight improves photos in low light conditions while reducing unwanted noise in the shot.

The H.265 codec offers better picture quality

Both Mavic 2 versions support the current H.265/HEVC codec, which, thanks to improved compression algorithms, receives up to 50% more image information compared to H.264/AVC.

ActiveTrack 2.0

With hardware and software enhancements, AcitveTrack 2.0 provides an unprecedented user experience when tracking a subject.

Accurate environment tracking - Previously, ActiveTrack relied primarily on the two-dimensional images from the main camera to track the subject. Mavic 2 with ActiveTrack 2.0, on the other hand, creates a three-dimensional terrain model of the environment from the images taken by the main camera and the two forward facing vision sensors. The result - greater precision and better tracking than ever before.

Trajectory Prediction - The trajectory prediction algorithms help Mavic 2 stay on the trajectory even if the view of the subject is temporarily obscured.

High-speed tracking - In open terrain and without obstacles, Mavic 2 can track fast-moving subjects, such as moving cars or boats, at up to 72 km/h.

Obstacle avoidance - If an object is being tracked, Mavic 2 automatically plans the flight path on a 3D map. The drone searches for obstacles, detects them and avoids them in front and behind, while keeping the subject in focus without interruption.

Panorama shooting - Mavic 2 has four panorama modes: Sphere, 180°, Horizontal and Vertical.

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