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FPV Racing Sender/Receiver


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Indispensable for FPV flight: a stable video connection. In this category you will find everything you need for this - video transmitters, receivers and the corresponding antennas.

The video transmitter on board of the copter transmits the camera image via a 5.8 GHz connection to the receiving unit of the pilot, who can see the camera image in his glasses / monitor. To ensure a stable connection, the transmitting and receiving frequency must match and the antennas must be tuned to each other. Antennas can be right polarized (RHCP), left polarized (LHCP) or linear polarized. To get the best reception it is important that the transmitting and receiving antennas have the same polarization.

In Europe, a maximum transmission power of 25mW at 5.8 Ghz is permitted for video image transmission.

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