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Eagle Tree Guardian 2D/3D Stabilizer


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Master your Skies!

Based on Eagle Tree's proven inertial stabilization technology, the Guardian 2D/3D Stabilizer is a must-have product for your model. The Guardian smoothes out air turbulence, but does much more. Unlike cheap “gyro stabilizers," it provides true wing leveling capability to help recover from lost orientation!

Whether you fly gas or electric models, wings, foamies, sailplanes, or just about any other fixed wing model, the Guardian is for you! Is it moderately gusty or windy? The Guardian helps compensate for non-ideal flying conditions. The Guardian helps your plane fly like it's a perfectly calm day!

To stabilize your model, just mount the Guardian in a level orientation (it can even be mounted upside down), connect it to your servos and receiver with the included cable, tune it to your plane with a small screwdriver, and set optional features with your radio sticks. No computer or additional equipment is required for stabilization.

While in flight, a spare switch on your radio lets you switch between 2D (wing leveling) mode, 3D aerobatic mode, and no stabilization. Imagine performing a difficult 3D maneuver with ease, then just flipping a switch to instantly return to level flight!


  • Eingangsspannungsbereich : 4.5V bis 16V
  • Stromaufnahme: ca. 31mA
  • Abmessungen: 41mm x 22mm x 11mm (1,62 Zoll x 0,86 Zoll x 0,42 Zoll)
  • Gewicht: 11 Gramm (0,4 Unzen) einschließlich Baum
  • Maximale Servo Strom durch Guardian: 5 Ampere

Bestellnummer: ETS-GUARD-STAB
EAN: 0182585001457
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