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Furious FPV F-35 Lightning Flight controller + OSD + Current Sensor


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FuriousFPV F-35 Lightning Flight controller + OSD + Current Sensor

Step into the all new F-35 Lightning FC - Furious FPV's 1st dedicated wing flight controller, ready and waiting to open all new worlds to winged FPV.

Encompassed by a robust case for maximum levels of protection and strength, the F-35 FC offers the ultimate levels of FPV capability that is dedicated & purpose built for the demands and capabilities of FPV winged flight.

Ultra easy to install with a massively powerful MCU STM F4 micro controller, the F-35 Lightning FC supports a full (6) UART's for GPS, VTX Control, S.PORT Telemetry,

Crossfire RX, RX, Bluetooth functionality. With these systems in play, the F-35 offers worlds of capability & performance for maximum levels of FPV flight.

Integrating a built in 5V@3A BEC, buzzer port, anti vibration silicone dampeners and battery monitor with current sensor, the F-35 Lightning FC packs a massive punch in an ultra compact form. Pair this with a built in Barometer & OSD system, the F-35 FC is the game changing flight controller that is ready for anything and everything a pilot could possibly desire.

Take your winged FPV flight to new worlds and beyond with the Furious FPV F-35 Lightning FC - the ultimate winged FPV flight control system.

Features and Specifications

  • Flight controller 9 DOF with MPU-9250 + 1 DOF Barometer BMP280
  • 1 DOF Airspeed (Analog & Digital)
  • MCU STM F4 high performance
  • Built-in OSD
  • Support up to 6 UARTs (GPS, VTX Control, S.PORT Telemetry,

 Crossfire RX, RX, Bluetooth)

  • Support 2 motors and 4 servos
  • Built-in Driver Inverter for SBUS and S.PORT connections
  • Built-in Battery Voltage and Current monitor
  • Camera and VTX port built-in Peripheral pass
  • Built-in 5V@3A BEC for small Digital servos, can be easily changed to External BEC for bigger Servos
  • Built-in Buzzer port
  • High quality silicone wires with optimized lengths are included
  • Support INAV firmware

Vertical USB ports and pads, easy to install

Bestellnummer: FUR-FPV-F35-HPL
EAN: 8936037002736

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Kundenmeinungen zu Furious FPV F-35 Lightning Flight Controller + OSD + Current Sensor

Wolfgang Rauser - 2018-03-03 12:24:54
Alle Kabel dabei. Gefällt mir sehr gut. Service von FPV24 super.
Sebastian K. - 2018-05-05 10:28:01
Im zweiten Anlauf habe ich dann doch ein FC bekommen bei dem der Gyro nicht defekt war. Wenn man im Netz recherchiert Die Qualitätskontrolle bei Furious öfters zu schlafen. Wohl dem der in Deutschland gekauft hat und nicht beim Chinamann, so das Problem schnell und unbürokratisch gelöst. Ich bin zufrieden, danke.
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