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FPV Racecopter - Racing Quadro and Hexacopter

The frame or frame is the basic structure of the copter and usually consists of a carbon fiber composite (CFK) - also known as carbon fiber or carbon. Carbon is perfectly suited as a material for multi-copters, especially race-copters, due to its high stiffness and low weight. The frame contains and protects all hardware and electronics and determines the flight characteristics by its design.

The choice of the frame is therefore not only an important aesthetic factor, but can also influence the later flight success through its characteristics.

Single connected mainplate (unibody) or individually exchangeable arms

A frame with a single mainplate or unibody (e.g. Mixuko or QAV-X) is easier to build and may weigh less. However, if the main plate is damaged in a crash or one of the arms breaks, the whole plate may have to be replaced. For frames with single arms, the broken arm can easily be replaced. Since the arms are screwed on separately, additional screws, lock nuts and intermediate plates are required, which makes the assembly more complex and heavier.

Flight battery above (Top-Mount) or below (Bottom-Mount) the frame

Freestyle pilots prefer frames where the LiPo is mounted above (top mount), whereas racing frames, due to their more compact design, usually have the battery mounted underneath (bottom mount). As the battery accounts for the largest part of the weight on the copter, the position of the battery also shifts the centre of gravity accordingly. This changes the flight characteristics of the copter.

Some frames (e.g. Cherry Supreme) offer enough space above and below for a lipo, so both possibilities can be tried and flown.

Frame geometry - True-X, Long-X, Wide-X or the classic H-shape?

Due to the technological progress in flight controls, the geometrical shape of a quadrocopter has little influence on the flight characteristics. However, two frequently used forms have become established. The Long-X form and the Wide-X form: Long-X is preferred by racers, because of the elongated construction of the copter, the pitch axis is more stable and the copter lies more efficiently in the curves. Freestylers again prefer the Wide-X form, because there are no propellers in the camera picture (GoPro) - which makes for nicer video recordings.

With all the criteria and theoretical properties of a frame, exceptions of course confirm the rule. Since every pilot has different preferences and experiences, the same applies here: The proof of the pudding is in the eating!

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