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FPV Glasses - Video glasses

The heart of the FPV sport is the FPV video glasses. They receive the video image of the drone or the model from the perspective of my own flight. The nice thing is that even as a non-FPV pilot you can receive the signal of the pilots with video glasses and zap yourself live into every flight - ideal for FPV races. FPV goggles differ in many technical details, some FPV video goggles have an integrated FPV Video RX receiver, others have an insertion slot to use a dual diversity receiver. Integrated video recorders with playback function are also available. Most FPV Googles are operated with a resolution 4:3 or 16:9. FOV means Field of View and describes the size of the angle from the field of view. The larger the degrees the larger the field of view. Most FPV video glasses achieve a field of view of FOV 37 to 42 degrees. There are analog and digital FPV video glasses, depending on the model AV and or HDMI connections are available. The video glasses are powered by a rechargeable battery which can be clamped into the strap. If available, the battery also operates the fan, which guarantees fog-free vision even on hot days. The distance of the left and right lens can be adjusted in the FPV glasses in the width. The lenses can also be changed individually depending on the visual impairment. Our FPV24 purchase recommendation for you are the video glasses from FatShark. To get started we recommend the FatShark Dominator V3 analog with a resolution of 4:3. If you prefer to fly 16:9 and want to have a HDMI input on your glasses, the FatShark Dominator HD is the perfect choice. The top model of FatShark is the Dominator HDO with OLED display technology just right for the FPV professional pilot.

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