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RC remote control transmitter for multicopter, airplanes and many RC models more.

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We offer you a large selection of RC remote controls. Whether you need many channels, a handheld transmitter or a console transmitter with us you will find what you are looking for. The requirements for a RC transmitter are different depending on the application. For one, the switches and knobs are very important, the other requires precise and sensitive Hall Gimbal sensors. The range also plays a big role, for the RC car hobby you may only need a few meters for a RC glider model, it could be kilometers. It is important that you consider when you decide to buy an RC transmitter for what use it is needed and what demands you have on the receiver. The different modes can be set afterwards with most remote controls. Most of the remote controls are delivered in mode 2 in our shop. The older models often only have a small, non-coloured monitor for setting the individual functions. More modern remote controls have larger and colored LCD displays. Also the menu navigation has changed and simplified over the years. We are happy to advise you on site or by telephone. We have many remote controls in use and can be tried out.

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