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FrSky Taranis X9D Plus V2019, Horus, X12S, X10S X9E, X9D, Q X7 & X-Lite - Transmitter & Receiver

FrSky is an innovative company that develops and produces remote controls, receivers and accessories on an open source basis. FrSky products are unbeaten in the price/performance ratio and offer an extremely wide range of functions and a high degree of flexibility and innovation. There are transmitters and receivers for every application area. Whether drone, remote controlled car, RC helicopter, model aircraft or other model making applications. Here is the right RC remote control as handheld transmitter or console transmitter for you.

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FrSky RC remote controls - all models and versions plus accessories directly from stock

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We are FrSky specialist dealers and carry the entire range of FrSky RC transmitters and useful accessories. Also if you need Open TX programming or you have a problem with your FrSky remote control, we will not let you down. The most popular RC remote control is the Taranis X9D Plus. Since many years it is unbeatable from the price-performance ratio and especially FPV pilots like to use it. If you want to give your Taranis a unique look you will find a selection of water transfer cases to exchange. The flagship of Frsky is the Horus series with the models FrSky Horus X12, Horus X10 and Horus X10S. These models have a practical and visually perfect menu navigation with the new colour display. The Taranis X9E is the only console transmitter in the FrSky family. The simpler but still very powerful models are the FrSky Taranis Q X7, Taranis Q X7S and the Taranis X-Lite. The Taranis X-Lite looks almost like a game controller. The FrSky Taranis X-Lite is practical, very handy and fits in every pocket. Ideal for quick and uncomplicated use. Although the X-Lite is so handy it supports external RF modules, has digital high precision Hall sensors and runs on Open TX. We deliver all FrSky RC remote controls in Mode 2 and EU version. Probably the biggest news is the revised FrSky Taranis X9D Plus in the 2019 version. New colors, some hardware optimizations, ACCESS and much more are waiting for you. Also the Horus X10 and X10S have been revised and are now called Express Version.

FrSky receiver RX - reliable, powerful. Ideal for copters and aviators

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Matching the FrSky remote controls we have all FrSky RX receivers for you in our program. The smaller FrSky RX like XMR, FrSky XM Mini, FrSky XSR, FrSky XSR, FrSky XM Plus mini are suitable for FPV Race Copter, small drones and FPV flying wing aircraft. Although the X Series receivers are so small, they don't lack anything in performance. Slightly larger FPV frames and smaller aircraft can be equipped with the FrSky X4-RSB, FrSky X4R or D4R-II receivers. If there is enough space FrSky offers you with the RC receivers X8R, FrSky R-X8R, FrSky G-RX8, FrSky S8R, S6R powerful, precise and absolutely reliable RC quality. FrSky sets no limits - even if you want to have a greater range, the R9 FrSky RX is available. FrSky RX - technically sophisticated in all aspects, redundancy, latency, compact design, high precision, smart port, telemetry, RSSI, battery protection and much more. All RC receivers are delivered in the EU version. If you have questions about which FrSky receiver is the right one for you and your RC model aircraft or FPV drone, we will be happy to advise you.

FrSky Sensors

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Telemetry sensors for voltage, current, air speed, RPM and altitude as well as other sensors for FrSky transmitter and receiver.

FrSky accessories and spare parts

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Here you will find spare parts for your FrSky remote control.

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