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Tattu Funfly series 1800mAh 14.8V 100C 4S1P battery LiPo battery

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Tattu Funfly series 1800mAh 14.8V 100C 4S1P battery LiPo battery

Product description

Tattu Funfly series 1800mAh 14.8V 100C 4S1P battery LiPo battery

The Tattu Funfly series 1800mAh 4S 100C lipo battery is specially designed for FPV quadrocopters that require high discharge rates. The Tattu battery offers the ideal combination of power and weight. The discharge rate of 100 ° C provides an immediate increase in performance when flying.

Technical data

  • Capacity: 1800mAh
  • Voltage: 14,8 V / 4 S
  • Discharge rate: 100C
  • Weight (± 10 g): 206 g
  • Size (± 5): 107 * 35 * 29 mm

Tattu Funfly 1800mAh 4S 100C Lipo battery, high performance but best price 4s, enough space for experts and for beginners easy to control. Suitable for the following models like: IRC Vortex 250 Pro & 285 (Advanced Race Setup), Gaui Eclipse E28R etc.

The Funfly series from Tattu

Funfly, the new lovable member of the Tattu family, has been specially developed for daily training and freestyle. Are you tired of the pressure of the racing scene? All you need is a nice, quiet place in a local park or open space to start training. With its stable performance you can concentrate on your flips, rolls and power loops and perfect your flowing freestyle lines.

Fun is flying. From now on leave the pressure behind and don't care what others say, good or bad, positive or negative.

All Tattu LiPos are packed with vibration and fire resistant material and our luxury battery box. Make sure that your battery is in perfect condition. An automatic process and a process for adjusting the battery cells of the computer system ensure the stability and quality of the batteries. Unlike the original Gens Ace series, TATTU is specialized in the UAV & UAS market. With its industrial quality (since Gens Ace is based on the hobby sector) the slogan "less is more", "more" means more flight time. More joy, more satisfaction and "less" means less weight, simple design. Tattu always designs its products according to these 2 guidelines to provide you with a high quality battery.

Bestellnummer TAT-TA-FF-100C-1800-4S1P
EAN 6928493302040
Hersteller Tattu

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