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Flight controller for Racecopter, Multicopter ,Nuris and wing models

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If you want to control your aircraft, be it a drone, Nuri or any other model aircraft, not only by hand, a flight controller is essential. For multicopters a flight controller is mandatory, a quadro, hexa or octo-copter is only controlled by the speed of the individual motors, which is difficult to do without a flight controller. The flight controller passes on the change of the desired flight attitude to the ESC's via the motor speed. Especially in the stabilized modes like Angle or Horizon a good flight controller is the right choice to steer your aircraft stable and safe. Flight controllers differ in computing power, UARTS port, size and software version. The versions F1, F3, F4 and F7 differ mainly in computing power and interfaces. F3 and F4 are the most common models, whereas the F4 flight controller has a higher processing power. The processing power in the flight controller is needed to keep the looptime as low as possible. The looptime is the time needed to calculate a change in attitude - the higher the processing power the lower the looptime. The computing power in flight control is not only used to control the copter but there are many additional functions which are operated via the UARTS ports. For example compass, LED, OSD, telemetry, audio signals, SBus etc. The F7 Flight Controller has even more processing power and 8 serial ports. The F7 Flight Controller does not play such a big role in FPV Sport at the moment but the requirements for a flight controller are getting higher and higher. In the FPV24 Shop we have a large selection of brands and models. For example 3D Robotics, Abuse MArk, Airbot, Eagle Tree, FrSky, Furious, Hobbywing, Holybro, Kiss, Matek, Team Blacksheep. Our FPV24 Flight Controller recommendation for FPV surface models and FPV Nuris is the Furious F35 incredibly fast installed plug and play of the finest and it does what it should do. In the FPV Race area there are really many good models like Kiss, Airbot, Furious etc. Let us advise you with pleasure, we look forward to your call.

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